Our services at AM Estudios


We rely on a great team of translators, directors, voice actors and sound engineers that allow us to offer the best dubbing service for film, television, advertising and video games. In addition, we perform both internal and external quality controls throughout the entire process in order to guarantee the highest quality.


We offer high quality audio mixing services in any television format, from stereo or 7.1 to Dolby Atmos Home. Our rooms are equipped with the best acoustics and sound and measurement systems with which we achieve exceptional results.

Sound design / M&E recreation

The music and effects track is essential to achieve a correct localization through dubbing into other languages. At AM we can enhance, enrich and also rebuild part or the entire international soundtrack. Thanks to our experience and state-of-the-art technology, we can create the perfect ambience for your project.


Our subtitling and graphics service makes possible to localise your content into Spanish and release it for broadcast. Our team of professionals is experienced in providing accurate subtitles for any type of content, including films, television programmes, corporate videos and more.

Graphic Localization

If you need to adapt your graphics and animations to several languages and cultures, you can do so with our graphic localisation service. This service involves adapting and localising the graphic elements of any audiovisual piece for its complete adaptation into other languages that differ from the original language.

Mastering and Deliveries

AM Estudios offers complete broadcast copy generation services in any format you need; whether it's DCP, 4K, ProRes, cinema or home video HDR, or any multi-channel or binaural audio format. We can also perform video conversions, speed changes and all the necessary editing to ensure your content is perfectly adapted to any location's needs.